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General and Oncological Urology Male Infertility and Robotic Surgery

Medical Urologist in Monterrey Mexico

Dr. Cortés-González has an academic and humanitarian medical career offering urological services of excellence with avant-garde medical and surgical treatments with a scientifically proven efficacy.

General and Oncologic Urology

Molecular and microscopic diagnosis of human papiloma virus lesion (genital warts), Human papilloma virus vaccination…


Vasectomy is a popular, highly effective, and relatively low-cost. This procedure could even be reversed in skilled hands such as a sub-specialist in andrology with training in microsurgery.

Signs and symptoms of the penis

Genital warts and skin lesions, STDs, urethral pain related and non related to urine output, Urethral secretions, Penile cancer…

Signs and symptoms of the testicles

Enlargement of the scrotum content (Varicocele), Enlargement of the testis, Skin lesion in the scrotum…

Signs and symptoms of the bladder

Involuntary leakage of urine (Urinary incontinence), Painful urination, augmented urination frequency (cystitis, urethritis)…


Changes in voiding/urination quantity and quality (poor stream, hesitancy, incomplete voiding), Interruption of sleeping due to the need to urinate at night…

Kidneys and Upper Urinary Tract

Back or abdominal pain accompanied with or without urination discomfort…

Signs and Symptoms in the Children

Repeated urinary tract infections, Inability to fully retract the foreskin to clean the glans of the penis…


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